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Yuri Tsarenko (Artistic Director)

Yuri Tsarenko was born in 1961 in the Ukraine. He was a student of the dance school for 8 years. The dancing art has been tempting him out from his childhood. While studying in the dance school, he was one of the best students. But despite his love to the dancing creative work, his parents insisted on the beginning of his military career, as there had already been two generals in his family and he must become the third one. By the end of his studies at school, all the documents were ready for the application for the Highest Military College. But Yuri took those documents secretly and against his parents‘ will he didn‘t go to Moscow where he was supposed to study, but ran to Dnepropetrovsk to enter The State Drama and Choreography Institute. And with great difficulty he entered the Institute.

Yuri had to work really hard at the first year of studying the professional mastery, and it was a challenge for him, as his physical abilities given him by nature didn‘t correspond with the professional requirements of the ballet artist. However on the third year of studying due to hard work, Yuri became one of the best students. Taking into account his actor talent, his groupmates suggested that he should perform the main roles in their diploma works.

At one of the concerts of the companies he was working in he got the injury of his leg, which didn‘t let him dance on the stage again. But he decided not to give up his favourite work, pulled himself together and commenced working as a balletmaster in different dance companies.

Since his childhood Yuri had been dreaming of establishing his own dance company, different from the existing ones. He returned to Moscow to continue his studying in the Academy of the Balletmaster’s Art. At one of the seminars he got acquainted with Elena Soloviyova, who later became his life‘s companion. Nowadays Elena Tsarenko is the president of “The National Ballet “Kostroma”.

Nowadays Yuri Tsarenko is one of the youngest, if not the youngest, artistic director of the professional dance companies in Russia. The love and knowledge of the Russian traditions and rituals help him to create fairy-tale dances on the stage. "Vokhomskaja Izbovaia" has the real plot, which Yuri transported to the stage from the heart of one of the Siberian villages. His observation to nature urged him on the creation of the choreographic composition "Ozeko-Ozertse" or as he calls it ‘The Magic Lake".

Yuri Tsarenko is the balletmaster who has his own unique hallmark in the creation of his choreographic works. He works out a new, earlier unknown, modern dancing movements and the way of representing his dances, trying to combine traditional things with the contemporary ones, leaving the place for the life of the historian truth.

Yuri Tsarenko is the person with a passionate heart and the true love to the dancing art who is able to create miracles on the stage. He has devoted his life to the most beautiful arts, to the Art of Dance, and now he leads these incredible artists who can soar and make the feeling of the once said by him: "Together with us to the world of beauty!"

In 2001 Yuri became a laureate of the public award “The Hope of Russia” in the nomination “The Extraordinary Man”; in 2002 he was announced to become “The Person of 2002”; in 2003 he was given the honorary title “The Honored worker of Art of the Russian Federation”.

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