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Alexander Buzlov (Cello soloist)

15th of September 1983 Alexandre Buzlov was born in the city of Moscow. He has been studying playing cello since he was six years old. A well known Russian cellist Marina Tarasova initiated him to his first cello classes.
He is now a second year student at the Central Music School, attached to the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, having cello classes with a distinguished cello professor A. N. Selesnev.

Prizes & Scholarships

Alexandre is a laureate of the charity program New Names, the winner (Grand Prix) of the International Instrumental Performance Competition Mozart 96, held in Monte Carlo, Monaco 1996, also the winner of the first prize of a similar competition in St. Petersburg.
In February 2000 he won the Grand Prix of the Competition New Names.

Concerts & Performances

He has participated in numerous concerts at home, Throughout Russia, as well as abroad, playing solo pieces, accompanied by piano, chamber or symphonic orchestras. His performance of cello classics was warmly acclaimed by the public in Russia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Malaysia, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Tcheque Republic, Macedonia, Norway, Austria, Israel and in other countries. In 1997 he took part in the concert, given in honor of the great cellist Mistislav Rostropovich and dedicated to his 70-th anniversary, organized by Maestro Rostropovich the same year in Saint-Petersburg. In May 1998 Alexandre received a gift from the Spivakov Foundation: a cello made by a famous French cello master Alain Carbonier.

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