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Viktor Tretiakov (Violin soloist)

Victor Tretjakova without exaggerations can be named one of symbols Russian violin schools. Magnificent possession of the tool, improbable scenic power and deep penetration into style of executed products - all these qualities, characteristic for the violinist, in current of many years involve in it huge quantity of fans of music all over the world.

The geography of its tours covers the Great Britain, the USA, Germany, Austria, Poland, Japan, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Belgium, the Scandinavian countries and Latin America. A basis of repertoir of the violinist make violin concerts of XIX century (Beethoven, Mendelson, Brams, Tchaikovsky); its interpretations of products XX of century, first of all - Shostakovich and Prokofiev are recognized exemplary in a domestic performing practice.

Many years the musician is the professor of the Moscow conservatory and the Cologne Higher school of music; it is on a regular basis invited for carrying out the master-classes, and carries out functions of chairman of Welfare fund of a name of J.I.Jankelevicha. The violinist also repeatedly supervised over work of jury of violinists of the International competition of a name of Tchaikovsky.

Victor Tretjakov is awarded high ranks and awards - it is the national actor of the USSR, the winner of the State premium it. Glinka, and also the premium it. D.D.Shostakovicha J.Bashmeta‘s of International Welfare fund for 1996.

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