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26 January 2023 (Thu), 19:00 Moscow theatre "New Opera" - Opera "The Nutcracker". Opera on the music by Tchaikovsky

Schedule for "The Nutcracker". Opera on the music by Tchaikovsky 2022

Orchestra: Symphony Orchestra of the "New Opera" Theatre

Premiere of this production: 24 December 2014

Idea: Alla Sigalova Paul Kaplevich
Musical version Igor Kadomtsev
Music director and conductor Dmitri Jurowski
Libretto: Alla Sigalova, Demyan Kudryavtsev, Paul Kaplevich
Director and choreographer Alla Sigalova
Art director Nikolai Simonov
Costume designer Paul Kaplevich
Lighting by Ivar Salihov
Performed in Russian

Will be many miracles: a huge chandelier turn into a glowing Christmas tree decoration will become the city center, bathroom, bedroom. Mouse King, Snow and unusual effects appear using the original video projections. In addition, the set designer Nikolai Simonov "play" with scales: small dolls and big people.
Protagonists, Masha and the Nutcracker, will play two artists - an adult and a child singer. The play will be attended by the children's choir, and Alla Sigalova not exclude plastic numbers.
Costumes Paul Kaplevich conceived as an attraction. Spanish costume doll turns into a huge fan of Drosselmeyer vest - in the wings, the Chinese doll becomes three Chinese idol "see nothing, hear nothing, nothing will not tell anyone." During snowfall snowflakes or choir outfits like stray to the side from the wind and blizzard.
Children will be "balls": in robes, skirts with hoops, outlandish hats. Adults seem to contrast and extended long as Gothic spiers. Primary colors - pastel and gold complex.

Schedule for "The Nutcracker". Opera on the music by Tchaikovsky 2022

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